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JUPAS Code: JS2060

Programme Description

Students who are interested in Music and Creative Industries will be considered for a broad-based admission provided by the Department of Music.

Choices of Major Programme

  • Music
  • Creative Industries

B.A. (Hons) in Music

The B.A. (Hons) in Music provides graduates with a practical and intellectual foundation for careers in music or music-related fields. The course is designed to enable our graduates to work intelligently and creatively towards their own areas of special interest. In Year II, students declare their specialties in one of the four Concentrations:

  1. Composition;
  2. Performance;
  3. Directed Studies; and
  4. Music Education.

Depending on their chosen Concentration, a selection of concentration courses in Years II & III prepares students for the Honours Project in Year IV, in the format of a composition portfolio, a concerto and recital performance, a lecture-recital, or a written thesis on music history, theory, music education, or music-related topic.  

Students accepted into our degree programme study with a team of composers, performers, and music scholars who specialize in music composition, music education, keyboard performance, choral and orchestral conducting, Chinese and Western music history, and music theory and analysis. They will also have the opportunity to interact with visiting scholars and artists who come from Hong Kong, China, and many other countries, in seminars, lectures, master-classes, and recitals. The strong emphasis on solo, chamber, and ensemble performance throughout the four years provides our students with a rich experience in practical music making. The programme’s emphasis on the role of technology and computers in various aspects of music is supported by cutting-edge equipment and facilities, including the Electro-Acoustic Music Centre (EMC) and the Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology (LIATe).

Our recent graduates have launched careers in teaching, arts management, radio and television production, and other music-related fields. Other graduates have continued their studies at graduate schools in Hong Kong, the United States, Australia and Europe.

B.M. (Hons) in Creative Industries

The B.M. (Hons) in Creative Industries programme is designed to equip students with an array of transferable skills in music technology, composition, performance, production, and entrepreneurship, allowing them to purse a demanding but rewarding career as singer-song writers or as composers for different media (film, television, video games and advertising). Students will specialise in one of the following two concentrations:

  1. Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games;
  2. Popular Music Performance and Songwriting.
Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Creative Industries

This programme is based on a synergy of intellectual knowledge, practical skills, and creativity with a unique focus on music production at a professional level. Its curriculum is designed to ensure three layers of training in: 1) contextual knowledge, 2) musical/industry-related skills, and 3) the production of music creatively.

In addition to a substantial core that will lay a solid foundation in music knowledge and skills, students are to pursue specialised and carefully sequenced music studies leading to the Honours Project, which can be in one of the following formats: a portfolio of compositions for screen or popular music industry, a media/mediated project, a live performance, a lecture recital, a written paper on a particular research topic pertinent to the student’s concentration, or other projects approved by the Department.

Graduates of this programme will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in the creative and entertainment industries, functioning as film and video game composers, songwriters, popular music performers, as well as in arts administration and management, or other music-related professions.

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Chan Yan Yi Crystal

As a performance major, I had abundant opportunities to hone my craft.

Chan Yan Yi Crystal (2019), Major in Music

"Studying music at HKBU was a fulfilling experience. Professors here are supportive and dedicated to fostering our growth as musicians and artists. As a performance major, I had abundant opportunities to hone my craft as a soloist, chorister as well as instrumental and choral accompanist through frequent master classes and concerts. I also benefited a lot from academic courses which laid a solid foundation for me to analyze and appreciate music."