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Hybrid Admission

Starting from the 2020/21 intake, the Faculty of Arts will implement a Hybrid Admission Scheme during which programme-based admission will be adopted in parallel with the current broad-based admission. Six Bachelor of Arts (Hons) programmes of the Faculty, including Chinese Language and Literature, Creative and Professional Writing, English Language and Literature, Humanities, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, and Translation will be offered for selection.

Ng Chun Yin, Marco

CPW unleashed my creative potentials

Ng Chun Yin, Marco (2019), Major in Creative and Professional Writing

"CPW granted me confidence in writing my fancy ideas. Supported with a friendly environment, I am exposed to a broad range of inspiring creative works. CPW unleashed my creative potentials and made my college life extraordinary, very different from a typical one just brimming with a thesis and essays."