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Writing and performing theatre in France and Hong Kong (XXth-XXIst Centuries) - Multicultural dramatic writing and its application on different social dimensions in the 21st Century


Dr. TONG Christophe Yui

Bachelor of French Literature (Universtié de la Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III), Master of Comparative Literature (Universtié de la Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III), Ph.D. (Fudan University)

Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


  • Prof. Christian Biet (Professor of Theatrical Studies of Université Paris Nanterre)

  • Prof. Christophe TRIAU (Professor of Theatrical Studies of Université Paris Nanterre)


  • PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme of the Research Grants Council (RGC) and the Consulate General of France (CGF) in Hong Kong ($90,000)


The research teams of HKBU and Université Paris Nanterre envision to accomplish the following through a series of seminars, interviews, and academic visits (Faculties and RPg students):

  • To probe into the relationships between the theatre, the society, and local culture, particularly how the theatre accommodates various voices in society and different strata such as the social minorities, marginal communities, and marginal culture.
  • To introduce the most recent French theatre (including plays, styles, and schools, playwrights, and directors) as well as the most updated research outputs to Hong Kong researchers and artists through the translation of extracts from their plays, reviews, dramaturgical and theoretical studies.
  • To introduce HKBU’s creative writing training into the theatrical writing projects that University of Paris-Nanterre has been working with its collaborators*

*One of these projects is a collaboration amongst Université Paris Nanterre, the TNS (Ecole supérieure d'art dramatique du Théâtre National de Strasbourg), and the Maison Antoine Vitez (actively translating foreign theatre texts into French). They have been organizing an annual meeting for new European playwrights, translators, and students studying to be actors, directors, stage managers, scenographers, and playwrights. Ten scripts are selected and performed publicly every year under this project.