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Dr. Amy LEE

B.A. (HKU), M.Phil (HKU), Ph. D. (The University of Warwick)

Associate Dean of Arts (Undergraduate Studies), Associate Professor and Associate Head, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing and Office of the Dean of Arts


  • FRGI


  • The state of solitude in world literatures has always been associated with unusual human 
    circumstances such as confinement in prison, a voluntary religious experience, or explorers 
    charting new challenges in remote lands.  The contemporary global capitalist world, however, with advanced information technology and the many gadgets made available to those who can afford them, is seen by many to have increasingly become a world where individuals are living in solitude among the electronic sound and fury.  Our world is a world of rising number of single-person household in major cities, increasing ownership of mobile gadget for communication and entertainment, and ironically escalating number of people suffering from psychological and emotional conditions.  If the state of solitude (in different scales) has become a norm in our world, how can we reconcile with this condition and adopt ourselves to this new world?  The project learns from interdisciplinary literatures the nature of solitude, and the positive outcomes of these documented personal experiences from different cultures and times.  Solitude is found to be a useful resource to help develop insights into practical methods for living in a world such as ours.