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  • General Research Fund, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong: HK$134,240
    Faculty Research Grant Cat. II: HK$148,650


  • The project investigated the production of two digital translations, from the negotiation of translation rights to the uploading of the epubs to the online platforms for their commercialisation. Through this case study of a Barcelona-based e-book publisher led by three translators, we studied digital publications of translated literature and used an ethnography-inspired methodology that consisted of participant observation, field notes, email correspondence, translation drafts, paratexts and in-depth interviews. The results, presented in four international conferences and three peer-reviewed articles, contributed to socially situated translation studies. Two symposiums were organised (one in Hong Kong and one in Barcelona) with scholars, translators and editors to discuss new trends in the field of digital translation and publishing. Related publications:

    •    Marin-Lacarta, Maialen and Mireia Vargas-Urpi (2018). “When the Translator Does More than Translate: A Case Study of Translator Roles in a Digital Publishing Initiative,” Hermes: Journal of Language and Communication Studies, 58: 117-137. Doi:
    •    Marin-Lacarta, Maialen (2018). “Characteristics of a Digital Literary Translation Publisher: Revisiting Bourdieu’s Mapping of the Publishing Field,” The Translator. Doi:
    •    Marin-Lacarta, Maialen and Mireia Vargas-Urpi (2018). “Translators Revising Translators: A Fruitful Alliance,” Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice. Doi: