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Dr. Roberto Alonso Trillo

B.Mus (RBC), M.Mus (RBC), Ph.D. (RBC), D.M.A. (UH)

Assistant Professor, Department of Music


  • This project was partially funded by the following grants:

    J. K. & Libbie Levin Fund

    Richard Y. Grant Music Fund  


  • The book was published by Routlegde in 2018. 

    Book Abstract:
    While the study and redefinition of the notion of authorship and its relationship to the idea of the literary work have played a central role in recent research on literature, semiotics, and related disciplines, its impact on contemporary musicology is still limited. Why? What implications would a reconsideration of the author- and work-concepts have on our understanding of the creative musical processes? Why would such a re-examination of these regulative concepts be necessary? Could it emerge from a post-structuralist revision of the notion of musical textuality? In this book, Trillo takes the …Bach… project, a collection of new music based on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita No.1 for solo violin, BWV 1002, as a point of departure to sketch some critical answers to these fundamental questions, raise new ones, and explore their musicological implications.