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Dr. TAM Daisy Dic Sze

B.A. (HKU), M.A. (UCL), Ph.D. (Goldsmiths)

Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


  • Dr.Tomas Holderness 
    MIT Urban Risk Lab


  • Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Senior Research Scholar Award Programme


  • This project investigates the potential of a networked approach to crowdsourcing food rescue as a way of improving food security and urban resilience in the face of climate change. Applying geo-spatial analytics to the quantitative and qualitative data of food rescue movements, this case study gives unprecedented insights into the urban food system in Hong Kong. The development of a prototype Free Open Source Software (FOSS) platform extends the capacity of crowdsourcing to the logistical movement of materials – applicable to food rescue and humanitarian aid in disaster situations.  This project is an interdisciplinary undertaking that advances research and has strong social impact both on the local and global agenda of sustainable urban development.