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Chinese Writers' Workshop: 2022 Spring Event

CWW 2022 Spring Event
The Faculty of Arts at HKBU has long been committed to promoting creativity and developing different creative projects. The Chinese Writers' Workshop (CWW) is dedicated to promoting contemporary Chinese literature and culture, and it aims to present its diverse and rich literary landscapes. As usual, CWW is launching ‘Chinese Writers-in-Residence Programme’ (CWR) and ‘Hong Kong Writers-in-Residence Programme’ (HKWR) this spring after the "Distinguished Chinese Writers Series" last September, and we have invited emerging overseas Chinese writers to meet and exchange with their Hong Kong counterparts at HKBU for one month.

CWW will host the 2nd CWR and HKWR from 7 March to 7 April 2022. Ms. Ho Sok Fong, a Malaysian-Chinese novelist, was recognised by renowned writer Mr. Ng Kim Chew as “the maturest Malaysian-Chinese female novelist”, and Mr. Lu Nei, a Mainland Chinese novelist, had won critical acclaim as “one of the best 70s novelist in China”. They are the CWR this year. Mr. Keith Liu, the HKWR this year, is a poet who ‘’reflects the nature of life from triviality” and writes with a sense of social concern.

The three writers will share their works and experiences with Hong Kong readers at various events, including the ‘Writers' Reading and Conversation’, individual talks and writing workshops. As the pandemic continues, the two programmes will be held online. Further details can be found on the Facebook page of CWW. Those who have enquiries can call 3411 2510 or email at

Please refer to the biographies of the three Writers-in-Residence in the attachment.

All events are free of charge.

*All the events will be conducted in Putonghua/Cantonese, please refer to the Chinese version for a detailed programme.