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2022 IWW Literary Festival: Writing and Well-being


What we write and how we interact socially through writing have profound effects on our emotional and physical health. With the theme of “Writing and Well-being”, this year's annual Literary Festival, hosted by the International Writers' Workshop (IWW) at Hong Kong Baptist University, explores the various ways that writing can foster personal growth, encourage mindfulness, and increase emotional well-being. Please join our six international Writers-in-Residence who will share their work and insights!

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An archival e-booklet with the guest writers' selected works is now available! Please click here for the booklet.

14 MARCH 2022 (MONDAY)

Opening Conversation: “Writing and Well-being”

  • Time: 20:00 - 21:30 (HK Time)
  • Moderator: Mr. James Shea (Associate Director of IWW)
  • Panelists:
    Andy Brown                             x       Mr. James Shea
    (British Poet)                                                                       (Poet, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing)
    Catalina Lobo-Guerrero       x        Dr. Janice Pan 
    (Colombian Journalist)                                                     (Poet, Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)
    Colin Herd                               x         Dr. Tammy Ho
    (British Poet)                                                                       (Poet, Department of English Language and Literature)
    Glenn Diaz                              x         Dr. Jason Polley
    (Filipino Fiction Writer)                                                    (Poet, Department of English Language and Literature)                                 
    Marta Dzido                           x         Dr. Dorothy Tse
    (Polish Writer and filmmaker)                                      (Fiction Writer, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing)  
    Matilde Søes Rasmussen   x         Dr. Patrick Holland 
    (Danish Artist and Writer)                                              (Fiction Writer, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing)                                                                                                                                            

  • HKBU writers will engage IWW's Writers-in-Residence in conversation and each IWW writer will share a piece of writing. 

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Panel Discussion: “When Words Are Not Enough: Poets Using Illustrations, Music, Photography, and Video”

  • Time: 17:00 - 18:30 (HK Time)
  • Moderator: Dr. Tammy Ho 
  • Panelists:
    Colin Herd (British Poet)                                 
    Matilde Søes Rasmussen (Danish Artist and Writer)            
  • When words alone are not enough to convey thoughts and feelings, how can poets use other media alongside poetry to explore their experiences? This panel discussion addresses how poetry can be in conversation with other modes of art-making.  

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Writing Workshop: “Poetry & Well-being”

  • Time: 20:00 - 21:30 (HK Time)
  • Workshop Instructor: Andy Brown (British Poet)                                       
  • We often think of “well-being” as a chance to address mental or physical adversity or difficulties in our lives, but how have poets responded to positive aspects of well-being: “happiness,” “wonderment,” “connectedness,” and so on? We will read and discuss some sample poems, using these as models for some workshop writing exercises. There will be a chance to share a draft poem written in the workshop.


Writing Workshop: “Fascinating Documentaries: How to Make Them without Using Professional Film Equipment” 

  • Time: 20:00 - 21:30 (HK Time)
  • Workshop Instructor: Marta Dzido (Polish novelist and filmmaker)                                                                                                                         
  • How do we start making a documentary when we don’t even have equipment? What are the major elements in documentaries? This workshop offers insights on making intriguing documentaries without professional tools.


Panel Discussion: “The Power of Storytelling in Nonfiction”

  • Time: 20:00 - 21:30 (HK Time) 
  • Moderator:  Dr. Jason Polley
  • Panelists:
    Glenn Diaz (Filipino Fiction Writer)               
    Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (Colombian Journalist)                 
  • Storytelling is a powerful tool for nonfiction writers because real-life issues are often best conveyed through narrative frameworks. Join a Filipino novelist and a Colombian journalist as they discuss how nonfiction writing can integrate storytelling techniques. What are the challenges and pleasures of using stories to explore large, complex problems today? 

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