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Lecture Series in AI Ethics & Ethical AI : Beyond Bias: Towards an AI Ethics of Shared Purpose



The behavior of individual agents, whether they are human, organizational or technological, can usually not be ethically judged in the context of the individual and its relationship to the environment, but requires the context of a larger aesthetics, and the projection of shared purpose into the future. Here, I want to discuss some thoughts on the concept of agency in the context of Artificial Intelligence, and its relevance for how we are making sense of our own relationship to ourselves and the systems we are part of and competing against.

Speaker's Biography

Joscha Bach, PhD, is a cognitive scientist and AI researcher with a focus on computational models of cognition and neuro-symbolic AI. He has taught and worked in AI research at Humboldt University of Berlin, the Institute for Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, the MIT media lab, the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and is currently a principal AI researcher at Intel Labs, California.