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Lecture Series in AI Ethics & Ethical AI: The Remorse of King Midas – Reflections on the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence



The talk addresses the origin of the ethical issues of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of regulatory and policy approaches. Dr. Guo argues that AI, compared to previous technologies, is unique in its deep involvement in human decision-making. The talk surveys a set of ethical problems related to AI in China, and seeks to offer fresh insights regarding how China should respond to the challenges posed by AI.

Speaker's Biography

Dr. Guo Rui is an Associate Professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China and he holds an S.J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He serves as a director of the Center for Social Responsibility and Governance at the Institute of Law and Technology at Renmin University of China, and he is a fellow of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability. Dr. Guo is the Lead Expert for the Research Group on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence of the Artificial Intelligence Working Group, Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC). He participated in the drafting of the first AI standardization white paper (published in 2018) and led the drafting of AI Ethical Risk Research Report (published in May 2019 by Artificial Intelligence Working Group, SAC). Dr. Guo's monograph "Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence" has been well received by the academic community and the general readers in China. He serves as a member of the Sub-Committee of Artificial Intelligence and  Sub-Committee of User Interface, National Standardization Committee of Information Technology. He is a member of the Youth Council of the Future Forum. 

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