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Music technology has been a defining feature of the department and its degree programmes since their inception. Work in electro-acoustic music, often combined with Multi-media, share a prominent role in the creative output of our BA students, post-graduate students, and faculty.

To support these activities the department has three main facilities,

Music Technology Labs

A Music Technology Lab (25 seats) opened in 2011

Music Technology Labs

The three studio Electroacoustic Music Centre (EMC), a teaching studio with professional standard acoustics and equipment including multichannel 5.1 installations in both studios and an industry standard Pro Tools HD system with 192 i/o in Studio A.

Music Technology Labs

A two-studio Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology (LIATe) of the highest international standard in 3D immersive audio and video, also opened in 2011.

LIATe Work

In the last few years numerous staff and student works created in these facilities were presented in major international festivals and conferences (ICMC, WOCMAT, iKULTURE, etc.), released internationally in cinemas and on major CD and DVD labels (ABLAZE, Ravello-PARMA, Naxos-digital, etc.) and in many local theatrical venues.

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