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Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is committed to the training of specialists in Chinese language and literature with wide vista. It is our belief that intellectuals living in the information era of the twenty-first century can no longer confine themselves to their own field of study. They should expose themselves to the outside world and learn more about different cultures.

Chinese Language and Literature

In view of the need for international outlook, our curriculum not only equips students with sound knowledge of traditional subjects but also motivates students' critical thinking, instructs them in research methodology, and exposes them to other cultures and interdisciplinary studies as a means to enhance liberal education. The traditional courses include subjects on classical Chinese literature, modern literature, literary theories, grammar and etymology. We encourage cross-disciplinary approaches that allow students to reflect on Chinese scholarship with a broader view of Chinese culture. Courses involving a variety of disciplines include “Selected Works of Western Literature in Chinese translations”, “Classical Chinese Masterpieces in English”, "Art of Kunqu", "Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and visual Arts”, "Buddhism and Chinese Literature", and " Understanding Chinese Literature through World Cultural Heritage in China". This broad-based curricular design will train our students to become specialists in Language and Literature who can rise to the challenges in this world with an independent mind and broad vision.

We believe that learning is not restricted to the classroom, and University is not an ivory tower. We organise and encourage students to participate and initiate relevant co-curricular activities, such as Undergraduate Exchange Scheme, Postgraduate International Seminar, Summer Intern and Creative Writing Workshop.

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