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Jane LAI Chui Chun

Emeritus Professor, Arts Faculty, Hong Kong Baptist University  ( 2008-  )



B.A. (HKU), M.A. (HKU), M. Litt (University of Bristol)


2017          Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong Translation Society.

2009        “Silver Jubilee Award – Distinguished Translators Award”, The Eighteenth Hong Kong Stage Drama Awards 2009 (第18屆香港舞台劇獎「銀禧紀念獎――傑出翻譯獎」), awarded by the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies.

Selected output(s):

Lai, Jane C.C., tran. (various entries), in Martha P.Y. Cheung (compiled with annotations and commentary) Robert Neather (ed. with the assistance of Theo Hermans and Yau Wai-ping), An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation: Volume 2: From the Late Twelfth Century to 1800. London/New York: Routledge, 2017.

張旭、黎翠珍主編,《風箏不斷線――張佩瑤教授譯學研究紀念集》(A Kite with Thread Unbroken: A Collection of Book Reviews in Memory of Professor Martha P.Y. Cheung),長沙:湖南人民出版社,2015,共230頁。

Lai, Jane C.C., tran., ‘Da Tong: The Chinese Utopia’ (‘大同’), by Evans Chan (陳耀成), Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Limited, 2015, 1-143.

Lai, Jane C.C., tran., ‘Farewell my Concubine’ (‘霸王別姬’), in Ng Fung Ping and Chan Kwan Yun eds., Yip Shiu Tak’s Cantonese Opera Manuscripts in Chinese and English (《葉紹德粵劇劇本精選(漢英雙語)》), Hong Kong University Press, 2013, 220-277.

Lai, Jane C.C., tran., ‘無題(一)’ (Selection from I’m a Girl, Wonderful!), by Merja Virolainen, Hong Kong: International Writers Workshop, 2011, unpublished.

Translations of Plays into Chinese for Stage Production:

2008           Betrayal by Harold Pinter [Commissioned by The Seals Players Foundation ]

2008           Othello by William Shakespeare [Commissioned by The Seals Players Foundation ]

2007           Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (A performance adopted from Shakespearean drama "Romeo and Juliet" staged by S4A students) [Commissioned and produced by Shakespeare4All Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre ]

2006/07      Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov [Commissioned and produced by The Seals Players Foundation in the Theatre, Hong KongCity Hall ]

1993           Looking for a Rainbow. Adapted from Four Short Plays from the Mystery Cycle of Wakefield by Colin George [Commissioned by the Academy of Performing Arts for performance by DramaSchool, HKAPA ]


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