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Emeritus Professor, Arts Faculty, Hong Kong Baptist University  (Sep. 2012-  )



B.A. (Tunghai University), M.A. (University of Wisconsin), PHD (University of Wisconsin)


2000 〈愛恨與哀悼﹕女詩人為父親寫的輓歌〉獲國科會甲種研究獎助。

1998 《美國詩與中國夢﹕美國現代詩裏的中國文化模式》獲菲華特設中正文化獎,中華文化復興運動總會主辦。


Selected Research Projects:

2009 Hong Kong Baptist University project “Jane Hirshfield’s Poetry and Soto Zen Buddhism” (FRG1/08-09/023)

2008 Hong Kong Baptist University project “The Impact of Han Shan on American Literature in the Past Three Decades” (FRG/07-08/I-24)

2004 Hong Kong, Research Grants Council project “American Literature and Zen Buddhism: The Acculturation of Far Eastern Wisdom” (2143/04H)

Selected output(s):

《文本深層:跨文化融合與性別探索》[Deep Layers of the Text: Cross-cultural Fusion and Gender Exploration]。臺北:台大出版中心, 2018,642頁。

“The Hermitage as a Converging Space between Nature and Civilization. Landscape, Seascape, and the Eco-Spatial Imagination, edited by Simon Estok, I-chun Wang, and Jonathan White. New York and London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2016. 148-164.

〈當代臺灣女詩人作品的顛覆策略〉[Subversive Strategy in the Work of Contemporary Women Poets in Taiwan]。《人文中國》(Sino-Humanitas) no. 21 (2015):411-431。

Selected Book of Creative Writing by Chung Ling

  1. 《餘響入霜鐘:禪宗祖師傳奇》[Music Fades into a Frosted Bell: Legends of Zen Patriarchs](novel 長篇小說),臺北:九歌出版社,2020。

  2. 《深山一口井》[A Well in Deep Mountains ](miniature short stories 極短篇),臺北:九歌出版社,2019。

  3. 《天眼紅塵》[ Eye of Heaven and Red Dust ](short stories 短篇小說),北京:人民文學出版社,2011。

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