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Prof. ZHANG Meilan

Prof. ZHANG Meilan

Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Phone number34112283
ORCID number0000-0003-1994-7520



B.A. (Nanjing Normal University, China) 
M.A. East China Normal University, China), 
Ph.D. (Nanjing University, China)

Research area(s):

The history of Chinese language: the Chan Language; the vocabulary and syntax of Early Modern Chinese Language; Textual collation and criticism on Early Modern Chinese; World history of Chinese Language Education; the Historical Evolution of Common Words in Chinese.

Teaching area(s):

Classical Chinese; Special Topics in Chinese Language; Chinese Language and Chinese Culture; Modern Chinese; The Chinese Lexicology; The syntax of early Modern Chinese; The history of Chinese Language

Taught previously at:

Tsinghua University, China, 1 Apr 2002—31 Aug 2018;
Peking  University, China,1 Jan 2000—30  Mar  2002 ; 
Nanjing normal University, China,1 Aug 1988—31 Dec 1999.

Selected output(s):

(1)Textual criticism and language study of the Guide to Mandarin,Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House,2017.

(2) The diachronic Study on the syntax and semantics of Chinese Double Object Construction, Tsinghua University Press,2014. 

(3)Textual criticism and language study of Qingwen Zhiyao,Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House,2013.

(4)Research on Mandarin literature overseas and the Language in Ming and Qing Dynasties,Northeast Normal University Press,2011.

(5)Collation and Annotation on Zu Tang Ji, The Commercial Press, 2009.

Current project(s):

(1)    Study on Language Contact and Variation of "Qing Wen Zhi Yao" in Manchu-Chinese Bilingual Comparison (National Social Science Planning Project 2018-2021 , on-going research work) 

(2)    The Study on the Diachronic Evolution and Typology of Conditional Category in Chinese, RC-SGT2,HKBU