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LO Ming Tung

Prof. LO Ming Tung

Director of Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage; Head and Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature


Phone number34117156
ORCID number0000-0003-3406-4099



B.A. (HKBU), M.Phil. (HKBU), Ph.D. (HKBU)

Research area(s):

Chinese Confucian Classic; Sino-Korean Cross-Cultural Study; Cantonese and Hong Kong Language; Hong Kong Confucian Classic 

Teaching area(s):

Chinese Confucian Classic; Study Skill and Research Methodology; Cantonese and Hong Kong Language

Taught previously at:

Education University of Hong Kong

Selected output(s):

1.〈莫可非「治經成文」之法—兼論香港《自由人》、《自由報》中的經學資料〉《中國典籍與文化論叢》 (南京:鳳凰出版社,2018年12月),第20輯,頁262-277。
2. Scholarship and Self-Cultivation: Reconstruction, Dissemination and Internalization of Confucian Thought in Joseon through the Xiaoxue 小學, Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture , Vol.28, pp.88-111. 2017.8.
3. 〈朝鮮時期《春秋》「西狩獲麟」的經義詮釋------漢代公羊學說中「新王」形象的塑造、消解和移用〉,《中國文化研究》(北京:北京語言大學,2016年5月),總第92期,頁163-175。
5.〈朝鮮王朝地方性的禮儀活動 ── 慶尚道清道郡鄉飲酒禮儀紀錄〉,《域外漢籍研究集刊》,第十二輯,(北京:中華書局,2015年11月),頁31-41。

Current project(s):

1.    2019-2021  General Research Fund (GRF/13-16/245913)

Research Topic:Confucian Education and the Formation of Choson Yeongnam Family Precepts

2.    2019-2022  The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Research Topic:Forgotten Hong Kong Newspaper: Study and Publication Plan on The Freeman (1951-1959) and The Free News (1960-1989)            

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