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Prof. WEE Lian Hee

Prof. WEE Lian Hee

Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Phone number3411 7801
ORCID number0000-0002-3416-6565




Ph.D. (Rutgers Univ.), B.A. (Honours, National Univ. of Singapore)

Research area(s):

Mostly Phonology; Hong Kong and Singapore Englishes, Chinese, and occasional stabs at culture

Teaching area(s):

Englishes; linguistic theory

Taught previously at:

National University of Singapore

Selected output(s):

Wee, Lian-Hee (2022) Tonal processes conditioned by morphosyntax. In Chu-ren Huang, Yen-Hwei Lin and I-Hsuan Chen (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Chinese Linguistics. Cambridge University Press, (Chapter 15), pp. 313-335.

Liang Yuan and Lian-Hee Wee (2022) Melodic-Prosodic Duality of the Syllable: an Application to Chinese. Language and Linguistics (special issue on The Syllable and its Prosody in Chinese), vol.23.1:82-115.

•    Wee, Lian-Hee (2019) Phonological Tone. Cambridge University Press.

Wee, Lian-Hee (2019) A Prosodic Essence Conjecture. In Hongming Zhang and Youyong Qian (eds.) Prosodic Studies: Challenges and Prospects. Routledge, pp. 141-158 (Chapter 5).

Wee, Lian-Hee (2019) Hong Kong Food Runes. In World Literature Today, Spring issue, pp.65-67.

•    Ng, Kum-Hoon and Lian-Hee Wee (2018) Chiaroscuro of the Uncanny: an unknown side of Old Master Q. In Jason S. Polley, Vinton W.K. Poon and Lian-Hee Wee (eds.) Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong: Angles on a Coherent Imaginary. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 211-234 (Chapter 12). 

•    Winnie H.Y. Cheung and Lian-Hee Wee (2018) Principles of the Hong Kong Kitchen Shorthand. Hong Kong Studies, vol.1.2:120-142.

•    Wee, Lian-Hee (2016) Tone Assignment in Hong Kong English. Language, vol.92.2:e112-132.

•    Wee, Lian-Hee (2015) Prominence from Complexity: Capturing the Tianjin Ditonal Patterns. Language and Linguistics, special issue on Theoretical Aspects of Chinese Phonology. Vol. 16.6:891-926.

Current project(s):

1.    Research Matching Grant Scheme
i.    The Chinese-English Integration Program, Shanghai Xinjia Education and Technology Company.
ii.    The Oral English Improvement Program, Suzhou Neo-Alliance Education and Technology Company
2.    国家社会科学基金项目The National Social Science Foundation of China. 《中文与越南语、泰语间的音译词声调互借机制实验研究》[Tonal adaptations of Chinese with Vietnamese and Thai], (Project Code 18XYY024) as Co-I, QIN Chuan (Guangxi University) as PI, and Qin Pu, Wei Lihua, and Lin Zhiliang as Co-Is (all Guangxi University).

Blue Sky Research Grant (for unusual and imaginative projects) BSRF/21-22/01 Principles of Hong Kong Graffiti: Code and Structure, 2022-2024

非物質文化遺產資助計畫「2021年伙伴合作項目」[Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme 2021 Partnership Projects] 古琴藝術(斲琴技藝)[Guqin (Art of Qin Making)] as Co-I, and Kelwin Kwan as PI (Vice-president, Choi Chang Sau Qin Making Society), July 2022-2025.

Research Matching Grant Scheme. The Chinese-English Integration Program, with Shanghai Xinjia Education and Technology Company, 2 Sep 2019 – 2025.

Research Matching Grant Scheme. The Oral English Improvement Program, with Suzhou Neo-Alliance Education and Technology Company, 18 Sep 2019 – 2025.

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