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Prof. KWAN Kai Man

Prof. KWAN Kai Man

Director of Centre for Sino-Christian Studies; Programme Director of Master of Arts in Ethics and Public Affairs; Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy

Phone number34117291
ORCID number0000-0003-3437-8645



D. Phil. (Oxon), M. Phil., Oxford University, UK; B.D. (University of Aberdeen), UK; Dip. Ed., Chinese University of Hong Kong; B.Sc. (Eng.), University of Hong Kong

Research area(s):

Philosophy of religion; philosophy of science; science-religion dialogue; and social ethics

Teaching area(s):

General philosophy; philosophy of religion; science-religion dialogue; political philosophy and social ethics; comparative religion

Taught previously at:

Theology Division, Department of Religion, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected output(s):

    Kai-man Kwan, The Rainbow of Experiences, Critical Trust, and God: A Defense of Holistic Empiricism (New York: Continuum, October 2011)
    Kai-man Kwan, “The Dialectical Relationship between Human Rights and the Christian Faith: A Response to Prof. Laura Palazzani,” in Joseph Tham, Kai-man Kwan, & Alberto Garcia, eds., Religious perspectives on Human Rights and Bioethics (Springer Nature, 2017). 
    Kai-man Kwan, “Paul Tillich on the Relationship between Morality and Religion.” Journal of Sino-Christian Studies 28 (Dec 2019): 7-44.
    Kai-man Kwan, “Reformed Traditions and Human Rights: Friends or Foes?” Ching Feng, forthcoming in 2020. 
    Kai-man Kwan, “The Argument from Religious Experience,” in Colin Ruloff, ed., Contemporary Arguments in Natural Theology (London: Bloomsbury Press), forthcoming.

Current project(s):

    Naturalistic explanations of religious experience
    The epistemology of phenomenal conservatism
    The critical evaluation of the harm principle

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