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John Nguyet Erni

Prof. John Nguyet Erni

Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics, Chair Professor in Humanities, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number3411 7860
ORCID number0000-0003-0609-7512



B.A. (Whitworth), M.A. (U. of Oregon), LL.M. (HKU), Ph.D. (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Research area(s):

International and Asia-based media and cultural studies; human rights philosophy, ethics and politics; gender and sexuality studies related to media and visual culture; youth studies in transnational contexts; cultural politics of race/ethnicity/migration; critical public health studies.

Teaching area(s):

Cultural Studies; Media Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Youth Studies; Cultural politics of race/ethnicity/migration; Critical human rights studies

Taught previously at:

Lingnan University, Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong 
University of New Hampshire, USA
University of Wisconsin at River Falls, USA

Selected output(s):

1.     Erni, John N. & Striphas, Ted (Special Issue Editors) (2021, May).  Special issue on “The Cultural Politics of COVID-19,” Cultural Studies, 35(2-3). 
2.    Erni, John N. (2019). Law and Cultural Studies: A Critical Rearticulation of Human Rights.  New York & London: Routledge.   232 pages. Refereed.  
3.      Erni, John N. (Ed.) (2017).  Visuality, Emotions, and Minority Culture: Feeling Ethnic.  Heidelberg: Springer.  In the “Humanities in Asia” series.  164 pages. Refereed. 
4.    Erni, John N. and Leung, Lisa (2014).  Understanding South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.  237 pages.  Refereed.
* Translated into Chinese edition, published by Chung Hwa Publishing, 2016.
陳錦榮, 梁旭明《認識香港南亞少數族裔》香港:中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016.  273 pages.
5.    Erni, John N. (Ed.) (2011).  Cultural Studies of Rights: Critical Articulations.  New York & London: Routledge.  136 pages.  Refereed. 
6.     Abbas, Ackbar & Erni, John N. (Eds.) (2005).  Internationalizing Cultural Studies: An Anthology.  Oxford, UK; Malden, Mass.; Victoria, Australia: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.  685 pages.  Refereed.
* Translated into Chinese edition, published by Peking University Press, June 2006.
《國際文化研究選集》北京大學出版社, 2006. 

Current project(s):

2020-2021    Principal Investigator, “Human Rights Museums in the Transpacific: A Comparative Study of Cultural Institutions for the Histories of Difference and Resistance,” RGC Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (Project no. 32001019) (1/1/20 – 31/12/20)

2019-2020    Principal Investigator, “A Cultural Study of Volunteer Traveling, Transnational Civic Participation and Youth Idealism: The Case of Voltra,” RGC GRF (Project no.: 12667618) (1/1/19 – 31/12/20)

2018-2020    Principal Investigator, “Transpacific Cultural Studies of Gender, Migration, and Rights,” Graduate School Multi-site Interdisciplinary Research Grant (Project no. 36-16-009), Hong Kong Baptist University (1/1/2018 – 31/12/2019; extended to 31/12/2020)

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