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Prof. CHEN Zhi

Prof. CHEN Zhi

Director , Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology

Phone number3411 7250
ORCID number0000-0002-6312-7178



B.A. (Peking), M.A. (Nanjing), MA, Ph.D. (UW-Madison)

Research area(s):

The areas of Shi jing studies; bronze inscriptions; ancient history; and intellectual history

Teaching area(s):

Shi jing studies; Lun yu; Classical Chinese Fiction and Drama; Traditional Chinese Thinkers; Laozi studies; Classical Chinese; Ancient Chinese Medical Prose

Taught previously at:

National University of Singapore,  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Selected output(s):

1.    Chen Zhi, comp. Chen Zhi and Lai Hon Kit, annotators. Series of Newly Annotated Classics: Book of Odes.《新視野中華經典文庫‧詩經》Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Publishing House, 2015. 
2.    陳致主編:《中國詩歌傳統與文本研究》,北京:中華書局,2013 年。
3.    陳致著:《詩書禮樂中的傳統》,上海:上海人民出版社,2012年。
Chen Zhi. The Legacy of Odes, Documents, Ritual Music. Shanghai: Shanghai Renmin Publishing House, 2012. Pp.422. This is an anthology of my papers including 14 articles previously published, and one article: “A study of the classical learning of the Li brothers of Jiaxing of Zhejiang,” unpublished before. 
4.    陳致主編:《跨學科視野下的詩經研究》,上海:上海古籍出版社,2010年。
5.    Chen Zhi. From Ritualization to Secularization: The Shaping of Book of Songs. Sankt Augustin, Germany: Monumenta Serica Institute, 2007. Pp.380. A Chinese version elaborated from this English one: 陳致著;吳仰湘、許景昭、黃梓勇譯,《從禮儀化到世俗化:詩經的形成》,收入朱淵青、陳致策劃《早期中國研究叢書》(英譯中),上海:上海古籍出版社,2009年。

Current project(s):

1.    Chen Zhi, Chief Editor. The Jao Tsung-I Library of Sinology. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2018-. Vols 1-2 were published.
2.    陳致主編:《饒宗頤國學院國學叢書》,香港:中華書局(香港),2015-(已出版第一至第三種)。
3.    陳致主編:《饒宗頤國學院院刊》,香港:中華書局,2013-
Chen Zhi, Chief Editor. Bulletin of the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Publishing House, 2014. Vols. 1-6 were published.

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