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Sarah Toogood

Ms. Sarah Toogood

Senior Lecturer, Language Centre

Phone number 
ORCID number 



M.A in English Language Teaching (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
B.A in Modern Languages (Westminster University, London) 
RSA CTEFLA, (Francis King School of English Teacher Training, London) 

Research area(s):

•    Learner Autonomy
•    Self-Access Language Learning 
•    Self-Determination Theory
•    Pronunciation Learning 
•    Blended Learning 
•    Materials Development

Teaching area(s):

•    University English 1 (UCLC/GCLA 1008)
•    Writing Enhancement Course (LANG 0036)
•    Culture Exchange – A Hybrid Course for Cultural Awareness
•    Listen and Chat – Science Interviews
•    English Pronunciation Consultations 

Taught previously at:

•    Centre for Language Education, HKUST, Hong Kong 
•    Language Centre, City U, Hong Kong 
•    Department of English, HKPU, Hong Kong 
•    Sheng Kung Girls’ High School, Taiwan 
•    Department of East Asian Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden

Selected output(s):

1.    Toogood, S. (June 12- 14, 2014). Designing ‘iLang’ opportunities to complement the mainstream curriculum through an informal curriculum. Doing Research in Applied Linguistics 2/ Independent Learning Association Conference, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand 
2.    Pemberton, R., Toogood, S. & Barfield, A. (eds.) (2009). Maintaining Control: Autonomy and Language Learning. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
3.    Toogood, S. & Pemberton, R. (2006). ‘Scaffolding for Self-Access Language Learning and the FTG Model.’ In T. Lamb & H. Reinders (eds.) Supporting Independent Language Learning: Issues and Interventions. (169-187) Frankfurt: Peter Lang
4.    Toogood, S. (Sep 9-12, 2005). Keynote Speaker, Taking Control or Jumping through Hoops: Issues with SALL in mainstream courses. 2nd Independent Learning Association Oceania Conference, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
5.    Benson, P. & Toogood, S. (2002). Learner Autonomy 7: Challenges to Research and Practice. Dublin: Authentik.

Current project(s):

1.    Devising a hybrid course on cultural awareness that scaffolds learner autonomy both online and face to face. 
2.    Exploring use of the FTG Model (see 3. Above) to scaffold learner autonomy in pronunciation consultations for staff
3.    Teaching credit and non-credit bearing LC courses

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