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Dr. WONG Janice Wing Sze

Dr. WONG Janice Wing Sze

Senior Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature

Phone number3411 7169
ORCID number0000-0003-2108-6125



B.A. (CUHK), M.Phil. (CUHK), Ph.D. (CUHK)

Research area(s):

Speech perception and production
Second language acquisition
World Englishes
Gender and language
Speech disorders and remediation
Accent perception and accommodation
Pronunciation pedagogy

Teaching area(s):

Phonetics and phonology
Research methodology
Discourse analysis
Theoretical linguistics
Pronunciation pedagogy

Taught previously at:

Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Selected output(s):

“Korean and Japanese listeners’ perception of /ma/ produced by a physical vocal-tract model,” (joint with Yun, J., Moore, J., Iwakami, J., Hui, C. T. J., Gao, J. & Arai, T.), AST Acoustical letter (expected in 2020). 

“Factors affecting the acceptability of grammatical features of Hong Kong English,” (joint with Ting, S. S. P.), English Today 35.2 (2019): 29-35. 

“Struggling to become non-Hong-Kong-like: The Necessity and Effectiveness of Training Hong Kong Youngsters’ Perception and Production of General American English Vowel Contrasts,” in J. S. Polley, V. W. K. Poon, & L.-H. Wee, eds., Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong: Angles on a Coherent Imaginary (Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018: 218-306).

“The Underlying Prosody of Stress and Tone,” (joint with Wee, L. H.) in Contemporary Linguistics 1 (2018): 85-102. [in Chinese]

“The Impact of L2 Proficiency in Vowel Training,” in J. A. Mompean & J. Fouz-González, eds., Investigating English pronunciation: Current Trends and Directions (Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015: 219-239).

Current project(s):

Examining the Modality-specificity of Phonetic Training Paradigms

Effects of L1 and/or L2 experience on the perception of lexical tones in an L3

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