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Dr. CHOR Winnie Oi Wan

Dr. CHOR Winnie Oi Wan

Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Phone number3411 5033
ORCID number0000-0002-8044-1038



B.A. (HKU), MPhil. (HKU), Ph.D. (SydneyU)

Research area(s):

Cognitive Linguistics; Discourse/Conversation Analysis; Language Change (from a grammaticalization perspective); Functional Approaches to Comparative Grammar; Stance-marking

Teaching area(s):

Discourse Studies; Studying Meaning; Introduction to English Grammar

Taught previously at:

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Selected output(s):

Li, Eden and Chor, Winnie (forthcoming 2024). A Systemic Functional Grammar of Cantonese – from Clausal Grammar to Discourse Semantics. Routledge.

Yap, Foongha and Chor, Winnie (2019). The grammaticalization of stance markers in Chinese. In Chris Shei (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Discourse Analysis, 230-243. Routledge.

Chor, Winnie (2019). Learning Cantonese in the Work Context of Hong Kong: Needs, Practices, and Benefits. In John Wakefield (ed.) Cantonese as a Second Language: Issues, Experiences and Suggestions for Teaching and Learning, Ch.3. Routledge.

Chor, Winnie (2018). Directional Particles in Cantonese: Form, Function and Grammaticalization. John Benjamins.

Chor, Winnie (2018). Sentence final particles as epistemic modulators in Cantonese conversations: a discourse-pragmatic perspective. Journal of Pragmatics, 129.34-47.

Current project(s):

"Discourse-pragmatic functions of Cantonese grammatical particles: towards a comprehensive account of stancemarking in Cantonese", Research Grant Council (GRF) (HKBU 12610023), Sept 2023 – Aug 2025 (amount awarded: HK$467,312)

“Investigating the eye-voice relationship for intonation training: A two-part eye-tracking study”, Research Grant Council (GRF) (HKBU 12606221), Jan 2022 – June 2024 (amount awarded: HK$651,760)

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