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NG William Yau Nang

Dr. NG William Yau Nang

Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy

Phone number3411-7293
ORCID number0000-0001-5346-0121



B.A. (NTU), M.A. (NTHU), Ph.D. (U. Toronto)

Research area(s):

Chinese Philosophy and Religion; Comparative philosophy; Buddhism; Ethics

Teaching area(s):

Matters of Life and Death; Buddhism; Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy; Socio-cultural issues in Hong Kong today; Chinese Thoughts through Films; Selected Topics: Readings in Religious Studies; Zen Buddhism and Modern Life; Ethics of Life and Death; Service Learning Leadership and the Meaning of Life

Taught previously at:

University of Toronto, National Tsinghua University, National Chang-hua University

Selected output(s):

1.    William Ng ed. (6/2016) 朵朵蓮生 [Lotus Blossoming: A Collection of Essays on True Buddha School]. Taipei: Liberal Arts Press, pp. 308. [Chinese]. 
2.    William Ng and Keith Chan ed. (2018), Tillich and Asian Religions. Germany: De Gruyter. [English]
3.    William Ng, Kwan Kaiman and Ip King-tek ed. (2018), Whole Person Education: East and West. Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University Press. [English]
4.    William Ng (2009), Comparative Horizon: A Study of Contemporary Philosophy in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Liberal Arts Press. [Chinese]
5.    William Ng (2016) “先秦儒學與艾資安尼新社群主義初探” [An Examination of Pre-Qin Confucianism and A. Etzioni’s Responsive Communitarianism], in 《鵝湖學誌》[Legein Semi-Annual Journal], No. 56, pp. 141-183. [Chinese Article]  

Current project(s):

1.    Animals in Buddhist Text.
2.   Disciplining the Body: Vegetarianism and ideologies

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