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Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Dr. Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Phone number3411 5764
ORCID number0000-0002-4325-4479



B.A. (HKU), M.Phil (HKU), Ph.D. (King’s College London)

Research area(s):

•    Asia in Contemporary Fiction
•    Convergences and Divergences of East and West
•    Dystopian Narratives
•    Hong Kong Poetry and Poetics
•    Modern and Contemporary Drama
•    Victorian and Neo-Victorian Fiction
•    Hong Kong Studies
•    Creative and Media Studies
•    Gender Literature and Language in the Asian Context

Teaching area(s):

Drama; Fiction; Poetics

Taught previously at:

The University of Hong Kong

Selected output(s):

•    Neo-Victorian Cannibalism (Palgrave, 2019)
•    Too Too Too Too (Math Paper Press, 2018)
•    Her Name Upon the Strand (Delere Press, 2018)
•    “Writing Hong Kong’s Ethos”. In: Polley J., Poon V., Wee LH. (eds) Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan. 2018, pp. 179-207.
•    “Book-eating Book: Tom Phillips’s A Humument (1966-)”. Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate. 25.2 (2015/2016), 288-99. Munster/New York. 

Current project(s):

Cantonese in Anglophone Literature 
Neo-Victorian Poetry and Drama
Female Translators Translating Female Poets

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