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PAN Janice Jun

Dr. PAN Janice Jun

Associate Dean (Research); Associate Head and Associate Professor, Office of the Dean of Arts and Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies

Phone number3411 2259
ORCID number0000-0002-0341-9953



B.A. (JSU), M.A. (SISU), Ph.D. (CityU)

Research area(s):

Corpus-based interpreting/translation studies; interpreting/translation & political discourse; learner factors in interpreting, etc. 

Teaching area(s):

Consecutive interpreting; simultaneous interpreting; translation workshop; linguistics for translators

Taught previously at:

CityU, HSMC (now HSUHK), etc.

Selected output(s):

1.    Pan, J. (2019). The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC). Hong Kong Baptist University Library, Accessible from
2.    Pan, J. (2019). The pragmatics of political discourse: An analytical framework and a comparative study of policy speeches in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Bandung: Journal of the Global South. 6 (2), 1-33.
3.    Pan, J., & Wong, T. M. (2019). Developing pragmatic competence in Chinese–English political retour Interpreting: A corpus-driven exploratory study of pragmatic markers. InTRAlinea Special Issue: New Insights into Translator Training. URL:
4.    Pan, J., & Wong, T. M. (2018). A corpus-driven study of contrastive markers in Cantonese‒English political interpreting. BRAIN –Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, 9 (2), 168-176.
5.    Yan, J. X., Pan, J., & Wang, H. H. (2018). Research on Translator and Interpreter Training - A collective volume of bibliometric reviews and empirical studies on learners (1st ed). Series: New Frontiers in Translation Studies, Series Ed. by D. Li. Singapore: Springer.

Current project(s):

1.    Competence development in student translators and interpreters: A Corpus-based study of lexical cohesion
2.    The Chinese-English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC): An Online Corpus for the Study of Interpreted Political Speeches
3.    Interpreting into the B language: A corpus-oriented study of pragmatic markers in interpreted political speeches from Chinese to English

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