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Dr. CHAN Oliver Hon Man

Dr. CHAN Oliver Hon Man

Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Phone number34117154
ORCID number0000-0002-2025-6439



BA (Hons), MPhil (HKBU); MA, PhD (SOAS, London).

Research area(s):

Classical Chinese Poetry and Poetics; Song and Yuan Literati Culture; Qing Literature.

Teaching area(s):

Chinese Rhetoric; History of Chinese Literature; Travel Literature; Yuan Poetry; Li Shangyin’s Poetry; Songs of the South (Chu Ci); Research Methods and Seminars for Postgraduate Students.

Taught previously at:

EduHK, CUHK, and SOAS, London.

Selected output(s):

1. 陳漢文,〈《元詩百一鈔》與乾嘉詩壇的元詩接受——兼論此本在《五朝詩別裁集》的定位問題〉,《清華學報》(台灣:國立清華大學出版社) 第49卷第3期 (2019年9月),465-504。
2. 陳漢文,〈文化傳承與江南情結—顧嗣立《元詩選》詩人小傳探析〉,《漢學研究》(台灣:圖家圖書館、漢學研究中心) 第35卷第4期(2017年12月),197-235。
3. 陳漢文,〈元代文人對本朝詩的體認〉,《中國韻文學刊》第4期(總第83期),2017年12月,16-23。  
4. 陳漢文,〈從詩選和詩評看陸游詩在宋元明的接受〉,程章燦主編、南京大學古典文獻研究所編,《古典文獻研究》第十九輯下卷(2016年12月)(南京:鳳凰出版社,出版日期:2017年6月),101-116。
5. CHAN Hon-man, “The Concept of yazheng (Orthodox Correctness) in the Chinese Poetic Tradition with Special Reference to Yuan Period Criticism of Poetry,” Monumenta Serica - Journal of Oriental Studies vol. 62 (2014), pp. 55-109.  

Current project(s):

1. Principal Investigator.  Radical Change and Cultural Continuity - The Rocks Connoisseurship of Northern Song and the Writing of the Former Dynasty by Yuan Literati (General Research Fund, UGC, HK)
2. Principal Investigator.  The Characteristics and Development of Court Poetry in the Yuan Dynasty (Early Career Scheme, UGC, HK)
3. Principal Investigator. HKBU CHI Service Learning Workshop (II): Teaching and Learning Workshop on Classical Chinese Literature  [working with a local secondary school in Tuen Mun] Sponsored by Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation (孔憲紹慈善基金贊助)