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Dr. NG Hok Chung

Dr. NG Hok Chung

Associate Head, Section Head of Chinese and Senior Lecturer, Language Centre

Phone number3411 5851
ORCID number 




Research area(s):

Chinese Language teaching
Chinese literature

Teaching area(s):

Chinese Language and Culture Teaching

Selected output(s):

‘University Chinese Curriculum Design and Teaching Practice in HKBU’, in Revisiting Chinese Language Teaching. The Commercial Press, May 2019, Hong Kong,pp.364-376.

‘Introduction on the New Curriculum of University Chinese’, in Current Research in Chinese Linguistics. T.T.Ng Chinese Language Research Centre, Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. July, 2016, Hong Kong, pp73-77.

‘On Teaching Students in Writing Replying Letters to Complaints’, in The Reformation of Theories and Teaching on Practical Writing in the Information Age. Southwest Jiaotong University Press , December, 2010 , Chengdu , pp.215-217.

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