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Dr. CHEN Meilin

Dr. CHEN Meilin

Lecturer I, Language Centre

Phone number3411 7266
ORCID number 



Ph.D. (City University of Hong Kong)
B.A. in English Education

Research area(s):

English for Academic Purposes; Data-driven Learning; Learner Corpora; Corpus-assisted Discourse Analysis

Teaching area(s):

English for Academic Purposes; Academic Writing; Corpus-assisted Discourse Analysis; Language and Gender

Taught previously at:

City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Education University

Selected output(s):

Chen, M., & Flowerdew, J. (2019a). Discriminatory discursive strategies in online comments on YouTube videos on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement by Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese. Discourse & Society, 30(6), 549-572.

Chen, M., Flowerdew, J., & Anthony, L. (2019b). Introducing in-service English language teachers to data-driven learning for academic writing. System, 87, 102-148. 

Chen, M. & Flowerdew, J. (2018a). Introducing data-driven learning to PhD students for research writing purposes: A territory-wide project. English for Specific Purposes. 50, 97-112.

Chen, M. & Flowerdew, J. (2018b). A critical review of research and practice in data-driven learning (DDL) in the academic writing classroom. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 23(3), 335–369.

Chen, M. (2017). Beyond frequencies: Investigating the semantic and the stylistic features of phrasal verbs in a three-year longitudinal corpus by Chinese university students. In V. Brezina, & L. Flowerdew (Eds.), Learner Corpus Research: New perspectives and applications. Bloomsbury.

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