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Mack Enns

Dr. Mack Enns

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Music


Phone number34115331
ORCID number0000-0003-2751-5090



B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Western Ontario)

Research area(s):

Game Scoring; Aleatoric Composition; Gaming; Music Technology; Popular Music

Teaching area(s):

Game Scoring, Composition, Music Programming, Popular Music, Film and Popular Culture

Previously taught at:

The University of Western Ontario

Selected output(s):

Enns, Mack. 2019. "Understanding Game Scoring: Software Programming, Aleatoric Composition and Mimetic Music Technology." Doctoral dissertation, University of Western Ontario. Pending publication.

Enns, Mack. Performed 14 March 2019. Presentation and VJ set (10 minutes): DJing, VJing and Understanding Game Scoring, Music and Video Game Collision Conference, Juno Music Awards, London, Canada.

Enns, Mack. 2014. "Game Scoring: FEZ, Video Game Music and Interactive Composition." Innovation in Music 2013 Post-Conference Proceedings. Future Technology Press.

Current Project(s):

Enns, Mack. Forthcoming 2021. Understanding Game Scoring: The Evolution of Compositional Practice for and Through Gaming. Monograph, Taylor and Francis Group, Routledge.