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Lok Wing Kai, Peter

Dr. Lok Wing Kai, Peter

Programme Director of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal and Cultural Studies, Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number34113138
ORCID number 



Ph.D in  Philosophy , Free (Vrije) University, Amsterdam. 
M.Phil in Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong
B.A. (Hons.) in Media and Communications, Coventry University, UK.

Research area(s):

Philosophy of body and emotion; Contemporary French Philosophy; Cultural Studies; Hong Kong Culture   

Teaching area(s):

Hong Kong Studies
Cultural Studies
Western Philosophy

Selected output(s):

1.Emotional Capitalism: From Emotional Dictatorship to Emotional Redemption (<<情感資本主義:從情感獨裁到情感救贖>>)(in Chinese) (Hong Kong: Dirty Press, 2020) (Forthcoming)   

2. Hong Kong as Other: Imagination of Post/ Colonial Hong Kong in the Chinese Nationalist Discourses (<<邊緣上的香港:國族論述中的後/殖民想像 >>)(in Chinese) (Hong Kong: InPress Books, 2016) 

3. “Cynicism or Liberation: On 100 Most’s Pleasure Politics” (<犬儒抑或解放:《100毛》的快感政治>) (in Chinese)in The Hong Kong Journal of Social Science.(《香港社會科學學報》),Issue 50,2017,Spring/Winter.

4. “Hong Kong as a ‘Bizarre National Redemptive Space’ for the New Chinese Middle Class: Lost in Hong Kong” in Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, 2017, Vol. 13 No. 2, pp. 149-158.

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