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Dr. KWOK Andrew Wai Luen

Dr. KWOK Andrew Wai Luen

Associate Director of Centre for Sino-Christian Studies; Head and Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy

Phone number3411 7326
ORCID number0000-0002-6865-070X



M.Soc.Sc. (CityU), M.Div. (ABS), Th.M. (ABS), Ph.D. (KCL)

Research area(s):

Christian Theology; History of Christianity in China; Religion and Chinese Society

Teaching area(s):

Christian Theology; Theology and Humanism; Christianity and Chinese Culture; Religious Charities in China; Theology of Sex; Research Methods

Taught previously at:

Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong; China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong

Selected output(s):

1.    Kwok, W.L. “The Narrative and the Triune Reality in the Theology of Robert Jenson: A Post-Karl Barth’s Development.” Yearbook of Chinese Theology 5 (2019): 3-27.
2.    Kwok, W.L. “Theology of Religions and Intertextuality: A Case Study of Christian–Confucian and Islamic–Confucian Dialogue in the Early 20th-Century China.” Religions 10.7 (July 2019): 417. (Scopus and A&HCI Indexed Journal)
3.    Kwok, W.L. “Seeking justice in the midst of war: The experience of war for Chinese Christians as revealed in The True Light Review, 1937–1941.” Studies in World Christianity 24.3 (Dec. 2018): 234-254. (Scopus and A&HCI Indexed Journal)
4.    Kwok, W.L. “Christ-human and Jia Yuming’s Doctrine of Sanctification.” In Zheng Yangwen, ed. Sinicizing Christianity, pp. 109-136. Leiden: Brill, 2017. 
5.    Kwok, W.L. “Narrative therapy, theology, and relational openness: Reconstructing the connection between postmodern therapy and traditional theology.” Journal of Psychology and Theology 44.3 (Fall 2016): 201-212. (Scopus, A&HCI and SSCI Indexed Journal)

Current project(s):

1.    Digital Scholarship Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2018-2019. 
Project Title: “Digital Oral and Documentary History Database for the Social Participation of Hong Kong Protestant Christians from 1970 to 1997”. (HKD100,000)
2.    General Research Fund, Research Grant Council, HKSAR Government. 2017-2019. Project Title: “Religious discourse, social participation, and identity construction of Hong Kong Protestant Christians from 1970 to 1997: An oral and documentary history” (12638516). (HKD406,964)
3.    General Research Fund, Research Grant Council, HKSAR Government. 2015-2017. Project Title: “The concept of social justice in the periodicals of foreign religions in China, 1911-1949: Protestant Christianity and Islam” (12403714). (HKD264,400)

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