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Dr. SUN Jue

Dr. SUN Jue

Lecturer I, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number3411 3031
ORCID number 



Ph.D. (HKU)

Research area(s):

sociology of emotions; gender and sexuality; popular media and contemporary Chinese society

Teaching area(s):

Introduction to Cultural and Creative Industries; Hong Kong Cinema and Society; Understanding Media Culture

Selected output(s):

1.    2012, June. Sun, J.. “愛裡怎會有恐懼:香港印、菲女同勞工群像”. iSunAffairs, 21.
2.    2003. Sun, J. & Ma, G.. “Job Market Not All Rosy for Them.” “Rid Young Lives of Traffic Threat.” Issues Once Invisible: Children and Women in Changing China. UNICEF CHINA.

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