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Dr. Jason S. POLLEY

Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Phone number3411-5801
ORCID number0000-0003-2382-9236



BA English/ Religious Studies (Lethbridge); PhD English (McGill) 

Research area(s):

Indian English fiction, Experimental criticism, Comics nonfiction, American Literature since WWII, Contemporary Literatures in Englishes

Teaching area(s):

Comics; Literary Journalism; 21st Century Fiction; Experimental Criticism

Taught previously at:

Universidad Espiritu Santo (Gayaquil, Ecuador), Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia), McGill (Montreal, Canada). 

Selected output(s):

1.    Delazari, Ivan, and Jason S Polley. 2022. “‘Popping into Your Mind’s Eye’: Multimodality and Comics in David Foster Wallace’s “The Soul Is Not A Smithy.” Style 56. 4. 413–432. 

2.    Polley, Jason S. 2022. “My India Problem.” ICTE Newsletter. 6 (Fall): 12-17.

3.    Polley, Jason S. 2022. “Bombay Fever, the Toujours Vu, and our Plague Era: A Pheno-menology of Reflexivity.” MEJO: The MELOW Journal of World Literature. 6 (Feb): 34-45.

4.    Polley, Jason S. 2021. “Toward a Reconciliation of Satire and Hostility in Crumb.” The Comics of R. Crumb: Underground in the Art Museum. Ed. By Daniel Worden. Jackson: Mississippi UP. 21-38.      

5.    Polley, Jason S. 2021. “Smuggling Creativity into the Classroom.” Poetry in Pedagogy: Intersections Across and Between the Disciplines. Ed by Dean AF Gui and Jason S Polley. Oxon: Routledge. 85-107.

6.    Polley, Jason S. 2021. “Oh Canadiana? Atlantic Canada, Joel Thomas Hynes, and Heroin Realism.” Studia Anglica Posnaniensia. 55: 403-426.

7.    Polley, Jason S.  2018. “Documenting the (Un)official Kevin Carter Narrative: Encyclopedism, Irrealism, and Intimization in House of Leaves.” IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication & Film. 5.1. pp. 5-22.

Current project(s):

1. Heroin, Masculinity, Community, Language: Underclass Narrative in Joel Thomas  
2. “Popping into Your Mind’s Eye”: Multimodality and Comics in David Foster Wallace’s  
    “The Soul Is Not A Smithy.”
3. “The Burmese Way and the High Way.”

Full CV