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Dr. François MOUILLOT

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number3411 6674
ORCID number0000-0001-7726-2189



B.A. (University of Guelph), M.A. (University of Guelph), Ph.D. (McGill University)

Research area(s):

Cultural Studies; Music and Sound Studies; Media Studies; Cultural Industries;
Improvisation Studies; Urban Culture; Minority Studies; Disability Studies

Taught previously at:

School of Creative Media-City, University of Hong Kong
Department of Communication Studies,  McGill University, Canada
Department of Music,  York University, Canada
School of Languages and Literatures,  University of Guelph, Canada

Selected output(s):

1.    Mouillot, François, 2018. “Constellation Records: Punk, Pós-Rock, e Música Experimental na Angloboemia de Montreal/Constellation Records: Punk, Post-Rock, and Experimental Music in Montreal Anglo-bohemia.”. In Cidade Musicais/Music Cities, eds., Cíntia S. Fernandes and Micael Herschmann. Editora Sulinas, Porto Alegre.
2.    Hahn, Tomie, and Louise Campbell, Lindsay Vogt, Simon Rose, George Blake, Catherine Lee, Sherie Tucker, Francois Mouillot, Jovana Milovic, and Pete Williams, 2016. “Banding Encounters: Embodied Practices in Improvisation.” In Negotiated Moments: Improvisation, Sound, and Subjectivity , eds. Gillian Siddall and Ellen Waterman. Duke University Press
3.    Charrieras, Damien and François Mouillot, 2015. “Getting Out of the Black Box: Analogizing the Use of Computers in Electronic Music and Sound Art”. Organised Sound, 20.2: 191-199.
4.    Mouillot, François, 2014. “Constellation Records et le rôle des étiquettes indépendantes dans l’experimentalisme musical montréalais”. In Formes urbaines: circulation, stockage et transmission de l’expression culturelle à Montréal, eds., Will Straw, Anouk Bélanger and Annie Gérin. Montreal: Editions Esse.
5.    Mouillot, François, 2009. “Resisting Poems: Expressions of Dissent and Hegemony in Modern Basque Bertzolaritza”. Critical Studies in Improvisation/Etudes critiques en improvisation . 5.1: 1-12. DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.21083/csieci.v5