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Ellen Y. ZHANG

Prof. Ellen Y. ZHANG

Head, Director of Centre for Applied Ethics, Associate Programme Director of Master of Arts in Ethics and Public Affairs and Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy

Phone number3411-7283
ORCID number0000-0002-7282-9542



B.A. (Beijing Normal University), M.A. (People’s University of China), Ph.D. (Rice University)

Research area(s):

Philosophy of Religion; Chinese Philosophy (Daoism and Buddhism); and Applied Ethics

Teaching area(s):

Chinese Philosophy and Religion; Western Philosophy; China Studies; Globalization; Gender Studies

Taught previously at:

Temple University (US)

Selected output(s):

1. “Neurogenomics and neuroeudaimonics: Bioethical challenges from a Buddhist perspective” in Interreligious Perspectives on Mind, Genes and the Self, Joseph Tham, Alberto Garcia (eds). London: Routledge, 2018, pp. 31-49.
2. “Daoism, Utopian Imagination and Its Discontents” in Imagination: Cross-Cultural Philosophical Analyses. Hans-Georg Moeller and Andrew Whitehead (eds.). London/New York: Bloomsbury Academic Publishing, 2018, pp.103-126.
3. “Po: Jizang’s Method of Deconstruction” in Dao Companion to Buddhist Studies. eds. Wawrytko, S and Wang, Y. Springer, 2018, pp.189-216.
4. “When the Ground of Being Encounters Emptiness: Tillich and Buddhism” in Paul Tillich and Asian Religion. Keith Chan (ed.). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter publishers, 2017, 87-107.
5. “‘Weapons Are Nothing but Ominous Instruments’: The Daodejing’s View on War and Peace.” Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol.3, 2012, pp. 473-502.

Current project(s):

1. FNRA: “Chinese and Cross-Cultural Health Humanities.”
2. War and Peace: A Daoist perspective
3. Bioethics, Multiculturalism and Religion by UNESCO Chair of Bioethics and Human Rights

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