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Dr. LI Cissy Y. X.

Dr. LI Cissy Y. X.

Head and Principal Lecturer, Language Centre

Phone number34117497
ORCID number 



B.A. in English, Postgrat Dip in Applied Linguistics, M.A. in Applied Linguistics (TESOL), Ph.D in Applied Linguistics

Research area(s):

Discourse analysis; EAP; Peer Learning 

Teaching area(s):


Selected output(s):

•    Ho, V & Li, C (2018). The use of metadiscourse and persuasion: an analysis of first year university students’ timed argumentative essays” Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Vol. 33, pp. 53-68.
•    Li, C & Ngai, J. (2018). Challenges and issues in academic writing perspectives from peer tutors. The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics. Vol. 5, Issue 1, pp. 104-116.
•    Li, C (2014). Book review of “Disciplinary identities: individuality and community in academic discourse” by Ken Hyland” CUP, 2012, American Anthropologist. Vol. 116 (4).
•    Li, C. (2009). The study of disciplinary identity – some theoretical underpinnings. HKBU Papers in Applied Language Studies of HKBU. Vol. 13.

Current project(s):

1.    Deputy Coordinator of FBL project: “A multi-modal Speaking App that introduces primary school pupils to the world of English poetry and intonation”. Amount: HK$2,699,280. (Sept 2019 – Aug 2022)
2.    Co-investigator of HKBU TDG project: “A poetry corpus for English language teachers to deliver pronunciation teaching”. Amount: HK$300,000. (September 2019 – February 2021)
3.    Principal investigator of HKBU TDG project: “A Collaborative Instructional Approach to English Across the Curriculum”. Amount: HK$268,665. (June 2019 – April 2021)

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