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Dr. CHU Ann Gillian

Dr. CHU Ann Gillian

Assistant Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy


  • M.A. (Honours) English Language, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
  • M.Div., Regent College, Canada
  • Ph.D., University of St Andrews, U.K.

Research area(s):

Sociology of Religion; Hong Kong Christianity; Theological Anthropology; Political Theology

Teaching area(s):

  • Social Scientific Study of Religion
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Theological Ethics
  • Practical Theology

Taught previously at (If any):

  • Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong
  • Regent College, Canada
  • University of St Andrews, U.K.

Selected output(s):

  • “#deltaδmovement: Hong Kong’s Lay Theologies in the Making (Digitally).” Asian American Theological Forum 10.1-2 (2023): 45-57.
  • “Stanley Hauerwas and ‘Chan Tai-man’: an Analysis of Hong Kong Laypeople's Lived Theology and Hong Kong Theologians’ Engagement with Stanley Hauerwas's Political Theology from a Practical Theology Perspective.” Practical Theology 16.2 (2023): 262-276. (Scopus and A&HCI Indexed Journal)
  • Chu, Ann Gillian and John Perry. “‘If the Gospel we Preach Disregards Human Rights, I would Rather not Preach this Gospel’: Towards a Lived Theology of Hong Kong Churches.” Theology Today 79.4 (2023): 422-434. (Scopus and A&HCI Indexed Journal)
  • “Digital Research and COVID-19: An Argument for using both Primary and Qualitative Secondary Data in a Hong Kong Ethnography.” Ethnographic Encounters 12.1 (2022): 14-21.
  • “From Folk Religion to Evangelical Christianity: A Case Study on the Process and Challenges of Retirement-age Chinese Males Converting from Folk Taoism to Evangelical Christianity in Hong Kong.” Asian American Theological Forum 8.2 (2021): 3-9.
  • “Faith and Status Quo: What can Post-Handover Hong Kong Churches Learn from Liberation Theology?” Hill Road 23.45 (2020): 137-149.

Personal Website (If Any):

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