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Dr. CHEUNG Charles Chi Wai

Dr. CHEUNG Charles Chi Wai

Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number3411 2315
ORCID number0000-0001-8034-9023



M. Phil. (CUHK), Ph.D. (University of Leeds)

Research area(s):

Hong Kong Cultural Industries; Media Power; Digital Media; Popular Culture and Cultural Studies.

Teaching area(s):

The Study of Culture; New Media Cultures Gender; Sexuality & Popular Culture; Popular Media and Public Culture in Hong Kong; Hong Kong Films and Society

Selected output(s):

1.    Cheung, Chi Wai. 2016. Media Power in Hong Kong, London: Routledge.
2.    Cheung, Chi Wai. 2014. “Negotiated Discursive Struggles in Hyper-marketized and Oligopolistic Media System: the Case of Hong Kong.” In The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Media, eds., Gary D. Rawnsley and Ming-Yeh. Rawnsley, London: Routledge.
3.    Ng, C.H., Cheung C.W., and Tsang, C.K. eds., 2012. Pop Hong Kong: Reading Hong Kong Popular Culture 2000- 2010, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Educational Press.
4.    張志偉。2012 年。〈全球化浪潮下 再閱讀日本動漫〉,《普普香港﹕閱讀香港普及文化 2000-2010(上冊)》吳俊雄、 張 志 偉、 曾 仲 堅 合 編, 香 港: 香 港 教 育 圖 書。(English title: “Re-reading Japanese Manga in the Age of Globalization.”)
5.    張志偉。2012 年。〈普及文化的活力轉移──網絡惡搞〉,《普普香港﹕閱讀香港普及文化 2000-2010(上冊)》吳俊雄、 張志偉、曾仲堅合編,香港:香港教育圖書。(English title: “Shift of Vitality in Hong Kong Popular Culture – Remix Culture in the Internet.”)

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