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Carloalberto TRECCANI

Dr. Carloalberto TRECCANI

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


PhD Creative Media, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, 2020.

MA  (cum laude) Photography, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, 2009. 

BA  Theory and Practice of Contemporary Artistic Languages, G. Carrara Academy of
        fine Art, 2006.

Research area(s):

Visual culture, Digital culture, Digital life, Intelligence studies, Machine vision,
Photography, Contemporary art

Teaching area(s):

Media studies, Contemporary Art, Aesthetic, Creativity, Visual culture.

Taught previously at (If any):
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR); Ningbo Polytechnic (China); LABA Academy of Fine Arts (Italy)

Selected output(s):

Treccani, C. (2023). A noise-free world: Noise reduction technologies for smartphone cameras and apps. Leonardo.

Treccani, C. (2021). How machines see the world: Five essays on biological and artificial vision. Leonardo.

Treccani, C. (2020). The Snake, the Brain and the Artificial Neural Network: Why We See What We See (G. Cox, M. Azar, & L. Impett, Eds.). AI & Society: Knowledge, Culture and Communication.

Treccani, C. (2020). Towards a New Unconscious: From the Optical to the Electromagnetic. In K. Wing Sze (Ed.), Reconceptualization o f the Humanities in the Digital Age. New Representations of Art, History and Culture (Vol. 2, Digital Culture and Humanities, p. Chapter 8). Singapore: Springer.

Treccani, C. (2018). How machines see the world: Understanding image annotation (A. Somaini & F. Cassetti, Eds.). European Journal of Media Studies, 7(1), 235-254.

Current project(s):

Automation as culture, Noise cancelling-technologies

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