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Dr. HE Angela Xiaoxue

Dr. HE Angela Xiaoxue

Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature


Phone number34117168
ORCID number0000-0003-2679-1526



B.A. (CUHK), Ph.D. (University of Maryland)

Research area(s):

First language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language and cognition, learning and memory 

Teaching area(s):

Introductory linguistics, first language acquisition, research methods, psycholinguistics

Previously taught at:

Boston University

Selected output(s):

He, A. X., Huang, S., Waxman, S. R., & Arunachalam, A. (2020). Two-year-olds consolidate verb meanings during a nap. Cognition, 198.

He, A. X., Kon, M. & Arunachalam, S. (2020). Linguistic context in verb learning: Less is sometimes more. Language Learning and Development, 16(1).

de Carvalho A., He A. X., Lidz J., & Christophe A. (2019). Prosody and function words cue the acquisition of word meanings in 18-month-old infants. Psychological Science, 30(3), 319-332.

He, A. X., Luyster, R., Hong, S. J., & Arunachalam, S. (2018). Personal pronoun usage in maternal input to infants at high vs. low risk for autism spectrum disorder. First Language, 38(5), 520-537.

He, A. X. & Lidz, J. (2017). Verb learning in 14- and 18-month-old English-learning infants. Language Learning and Development, 13(3), 335-356.

Current Project(s):

  1. Role of sleep and memory in child language development
  2. Word learning mechanisms in infancy and toddlerhood
  3. Event perception and language learning (collaborative work with USC Meaning Lab)
  4. Language development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (collaborative work with NYU Learning Lab)
  5. Phonological awareness, tone perception, and genetic biasing (collaborative work with CUHK Brain and Mind Institute)

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