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Andre J.P. Elias

Dr. Andre J.P. Elias

Assistant Professor, Department of Music


Phone number3411-7831
ORCID number0000-0002-2056-3594



PhD. University of Washington, Seattle (Ethnomusicology)
M.A. University of Washington, Seattle (South Asian Studies)
M.A. University of Washington, Seattle (Ethnomusicology)
M.A. University of California, San Diego (Critical Studies in Music)
B.A. Pomona College (Cognitive Sciences)

Research area(s):


Teaching area(s):

Ethnomusicology; Research Methods; Improvisation; Cultural Studies

Selected output(s):

Elias, Andre J.P. “"Vande Mataram!": Constructions of Gender and Music in Indian Nationalism.” Asian Music, Volume 48, no 2 (2017), pp. 90-110. (8,400 words)

Elias, Andre J.P. “Man Yar Pyae U Tin and the Burmese Slide Guitar: Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives of Cultural Exchange.” Asian Music, Volume 51, no 1 (2020), pp. X-X. (12,000 words)

Elias, Andre J.P. “What’s in a Name? Hindustani Slide-Guitar and the Politics of Organology” in Shaping Sound and Society: The Cultural Study of Musical Instruments, ed. Stephen Cottrell. Routledge Press (2020). (8000 words)

Current project(s):

Instrument making and environmental conservation in India and Myanmar

Invention and the Politics of Cultural Exchange: The Slide Guitar in Asia
To be submitted to publishers in 2020
“Holi Festival in Pushkar: Psychedelic Trance for a New Generation” (In revision for submission to MusiCultures)

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