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Dr. Amy LEE

Associate Professor and Associate Head, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Phone number3411 7159
ORCID number0000-0002-0298-2218 



B.A. (HKU), M.Phil (HKU), Ph. D. (The University of Warwick)

Research area(s):

Feminist Literary Studies; Gender Studies; The Chinese Diaspora; Representations of Marginal Experiences; Witchcraft and Witchery; Young Adult Literature; Modern fiction

Teaching area(s):

Gender Studies; Human Beings and Their Imaginary Monsters They Create; Humanities Study & Research Methods Languages and the Humanities

Selected output(s):

1.    Lee, Amy W.S. 2015. “From ‘Australian Whiteness’ to Caribbean Self: Maryse Conde's Matrilineal Family Narrative of Identity Detection.” In Reading/Speaking/Writing the Mother Text: Essays on Caribbean Women's Writing, eds., Paula, Sanmartin, and Cristina Herrera, Bradford: Demeter Press, 100-118.
2.    Lee, Amy W.S. 2015. “Emotional Literacy Education in a Hong Kong University: Reflection and Proposal.” In Education Applications and Developments, ed., Mafalda Carmo. Lisboa, Portugal: InScience Press, 248-255.
3.    Lee, Amy W.S. 2015. “Fiction in the Chinese Mythical and Literary Traditions.” In Fiction and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory, ed., Ananta Ch. Sukla, London: Bloomsbury Academic.
4.    Lee, Amy W.S. 2014. “The Problem that Has No Name’: Love, Desire and Self at Post-middle Age in Love, Again (1996).” In Fragmented Societies: Feminism, Love and Identity in the Novels of Doris Lessing, eds., Ajit, Kumar and Oran Ryan, Dehli: Authorspress.
5.    Lee, Amy W.S. 2013. “Is the Cyborg Vampire the Future? Fusing the Historical and the New in the Humanities.”The International Journal of Critical Cultural Studies, 10(4): 93-100.

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