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Dr. HU Alex Haiying

Dr. HU Alex Haiying

Lecturer II, Language Centre

Phone number34117239
ORCID number 



B.A. (HNU), M.A. (CWNU), Ph.D. (NJU)

Research area(s):

•    中國文化 Chinese culture
•    中國文學 Chinese classical literature
•    中國古典文獻學 Chinese classical philology

Teaching area(s):

•    GCLA1005 - University Chinese    UCLC1005 - University Chinese
•    Appreciation of Classical Chinese Literature
•    Traditional Chinese Characters Learning Service
•    Chinese Writing Enhancement Service (CWES)

Taught previously at:

Assistant Professor,   Macau University of Science and Technology

Selected output(s):

Academic Foresight of Professor Zhou Xunchu, Journal of Ancient Books Collation and Studies, 1, 2008
On Lin Ho language Citing New Saying of the Day, Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies, 4, 2008.
Study on Jiajing Editions of Heshi Yulin, Wenxian, 1, 2010.
A study of book-collecting, book-copying and book-carving by He Liangjun, pp. 394-408, Nanjing, Study on Classical Texts, 2012.
A Textual Research on compilation and Editions of Shi shuo xin yu bu (世說新語補) The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies, 1, 2015.

Current project(s):

Cantonese in Anglophone Literature 
Neo-Victorian Poetry and Drama
Female Translators Translating Female Poets

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