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The Faculty of Arts – Local Commitment, Global Reach

The Faculty of Arts provides a liberal arts education that is truly liberating, nurturing individuals with the knowledge, freedom of vision, and creative skills they need to function as effective members of their communities. Through a research-based synthesis of theoretical and applied approaches, and by combining learning with service, we inspire students to channel their imaginations into artistic creation and critical thought. Our emphasis on creativity and critical thinking offers opportunities to interrogate prejudice and to question established norms and values, just as it nurtures the aspiration to bring newness into the world. We foster in students a desire for self-improvement in the ethical choices they make, their sense of local and global citizenship, their capacity for meaningful action, and their ability to develop artistic and intellectual responses. We imbue students with a passion for learning, problem solving, and community, our view being that this crucial lifelong resource will help them face the inevitable challenges of life. Our commitment to liberal arts education is reflected in our firm belief that we, as teachers and researchers, learn as much from our students as we do from our scholarly and creative endeavors.