International Students

Undergraduate Studies

Non-local applicants are defined as persons entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education with a student visa/ entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration.

Programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts

JS2020 Faculty of Arts (Broad-based Admission)
JS2030 B.A. (Hons) in Music
JS2040 B.A. (Hons) in English Language & Literature and B.Ed. (Hons) in English Language Teaching


The tuition fee for full-time undergraduate degree programmes for the 2018-2019 academic year is HK$120,000 for international students per annum respectively.

Please visit the website of Academic Registry ( for more details.

Taught Postgraduate Studies

The Faculty of Arts offers the following Taught Postgraduate Programmes:

MA in Chinese Literature, Language & Culture
MA in Ethics & Public Affairs
MA in Language Studies
MA in Literary & Comparative Studies
MA in Music
MA in Translation & Bilingual Communication

For details on applications, study mode, study period and tuition fee, please visit the website of the Graduate School (

Research Postgraduate Studies

A list of disciplines/fields of study offered by the Faculty of Arts is as follows:

Department / Fields of StudiesResearch Expertise
Department of Chinese Language and Literature Chinese language; Etymology; Classical Chinese Literature; Modem Chinese Literature; Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism; Chinese Religion and Philosophy; Chinese Classical Studies; Study of Ceremonial Rites
Department of English Language and Literature World Englishes; Literary Intellectualism and its Histories; Phonology, Tone, and Music; Literary Humanism; Multi-modal Discourse Analysis; Comparative Literature and Methodology; Intercultural Communication; Postcolonial Asian Poetics; Architectures of Grammar; 21st-Century Literary Narratives and Theory; Acquiring a Second Language; The Nineteenth & Twentieth-Century English Novel
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing Cultural Studies (international and inter-Asia); Media & Film Studies; Literary Studies; Creative Writing; Aesthetics & Philosophy of Arts; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Ethnic Studies; Postcolonial Theory
Department of Music Contemporary China Music Studies (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese diaspora); Performance Practice Studies and Research; Piano Pedagogy; Music Education; Historical Musicology and East-West Musicological Research; Composition; Music Technology/Computer Music
Department of Religion and Philosophy

Religious Studies:
Buddhism, Chinese Popular Religions, Christianity, Confucianism, Daoism; Chinese Christianity; Modern Critique of Religion; Religious Ethics; Sociology of Religion;

Philosophical Studies:
Chinese Philosophical Traditions (Buddhist, Confucian, Daoist, Modern); Comparative Philosophical Studies (Chinese, European, North American); Ethics; Hermeneutics; Logic; Metaphysics; Modern & Contemporary Continental European Philosophy; Philosophies of Language, Religion, Science; Social & Political Philosophy

Translation Programme Translation Studies; Interpreting Studies; Intercultural Studies

For details about Research Postgraduate Programmes, please visit the website of the Graduate School (