GRF Project Recipients

2018 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient  Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF  226,057 Prof. Chan Wai Keung CHI Myth, Mountains, and Meditation: A New Reading of the Poetry of Li Bai (701–62)
GRF 508,000 Prof. Zhang Hongsheng CHI A Research on the Qing Ci Manuscripts
GRF 116,816 Prof. Erni John N HMW A Cultural Study of Volunteer Traveling, Transnational Civic Participation and Youth Idealism: The Case of Voltra
GRF 305,000 Dr. Gladys Chong Pak-lei HMW Smart Living among Chinese Youth? Issues of Security, Risk and Surveillance through an Investigation of Smart Home, Cashless Payment and Facial Recognition
GRF 500,160 Prof Ho Wai-chung MUS Social Change, Culture and Creativity: Music Education in China
ECS 400,000 Dr. Chan Hon-man CHI The Characteristics and Development of Court Poetry in the Yuan Dynasty元代宮廷詩的特色與發展
ECS 250,000 Dr. Fech Andreas CHI “Elevating the Worthy” and “Mandate of Heaven” in the Late Warring States Period
ECS 454,800 Dr. Maialen Marin-Lacarta TRAN Hong Kong and its Literature through a Double Lens: English and French Anthologies of Translated Literature

2017 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient  Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF  680,840 Prof Zhang Hongsheng CHI The Development of Qing ci Poetry During the Taiping Civil War of 19th Century China 太平天國戰爭與清詞發展的境界
GRF 438,708 Dr Pan Jun TRAN Competence Development in Student Translators and Interpreters: A Corpus-based Study of Lexical Cohesion
GRF 322,500 Dr Lee Siu-Fan REL How Proper Names Refer – Is Causal Descriptivism Defensible?
GRF 139,000 Dr Ho Tammy Lai-ming ENG Interpreting Hong Kong Poetry: One City, Two (Language) Systems
GRF 100,000 Prof Palmquist Stephen R REL Comprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Prolegomena
GRF 255,240 Prof Lo Kwai-cheung HMW Constructing a Multiethnic China: A Book Project on Ethnic Minority Cinema as Indicator of Socio-Political Conditions of Modern Nation-Building
GRF 256,096 Dr Chow Yiu-fai HMW Different ages, different precarities? A study of single women doing creative work in Shanghai from the perspective of age

2016 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient  Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF  406,964 Dr. Kwok Wai-luen REL Religious Discourse, Social Participation, and Identity Construction of Hong Kong Protestant Christians from 1970 to 1997: An Oral and Documentary History
GRF 160,000 Prof. Lo Ping-cheung REL Realism and Warfare Ethics in Early China: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Hanfeizi
GRF 299,750 Prof. Man Eva Kit-wah HMW Contemporary Dance Choreographers (1980-2010): Hong Kong Dance History, Aesthetics and Identity Issues 六位香港當代編舞家作品研究 (1980-2010): 香港當代舞蹈歷史、美學及身份探求
GRF 150,460 Prof. Ho Wai-chung MUS Challenges of Nationalism and Globalisation to Music Teacher Education: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Taipei
GRF 208,620 Prof. Erni John N HMW Toward an Ethnic Cultural Citizenship: A Cultural Indicator and Mapping Study of Popular Arts Participation among South and South East Asian Youth in Hong Kong
GRF 343,420 Prof. Christie Stuart Colin Fraser ENG The Asian Empson: Compiling a Trilingual Open-Access Database and Bibliography on the Work and Career of Sir William Empson in China and Japan, 1931-1952
GRF 248,000 Dr. Wong Chuen-fung MUS Minority Exoticism in Chinese Music
ECS 283,368 Dr. Pan Jun TRAN Interpreting into the B language: A corpus-oriented study of pragmatic markers in interpreted political speeches from Chinese to English
ECS 200,000 Dr. Chan Benedict Shing-bun REL A Philosophical Investigation of the Ethics of Human Rights to Health

2015 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient  Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF 448,600 Dr. Robert Neather TRAN Collaborative Practice in Contemporary Buddhist Translation Communities: A Study of Text Production, Expertise Acquisition and Modes of Community Participation in Two Chinese-English Buddhist Translation Projects
GRF  134,240 Dr. Maialen Marin-Lacarta TRAN Digital Translations in the Making: Hong Kong Contemporary Fiction in Spanish
GRF  134,464 Dr. Ellen Zhang Ying REL  Early Daoist Philosophies of War and Peace and Their Contemporary Explications
GRF  242,200  Dr. Daisy Tam Dic-sze HMW  Enabling Ethical Food Futures?? surplus food practices as commons
GRF 342,760 Dr. Lucetta Kam Yip-lo HMW Queer Mobility of Chinese Women: An Ethnographic Study
GRF  391,486  Dr. Jessica Yeung Wai-yee  TRAN 100 Years of Xinjiang Cinema: Film in Society in Xinjiang
ECS 307,400 Dr. Gladys Chong Pak-lei HMW Governing Desire in a Globalizing World: A Comparative Study of Youth in Hong Kong and Beijing
ECS 460,160 Dr. Dorothy Tse Hiu-hung HMW 城市與小說:三十年代香港的現代性研究 City and Fiction: A Study of Hong Kong' s Modernity in the 1930s

2014 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient  Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF 553,320 Prof Ahrens Kathleen LC Cross-linguistic Variation in Conceptual Metaphors
GRF  323,280   Dr Chung David Yu-sum  MUS  A Study of Sources and Performance Practice Issues in Recently-Rediscovered Manuscripts of Seventeenth-Century French Harpsichord Music 
GRF  264,400   Dr Kwok Wai-luen  REL  The concept of social justice in the periodicals of foreign religions in China, 1911-1949: Protestant Christianity and Islam 
GRF  244,500   Prof Man Eva Kit-wah  HMW  “Six Hong Kong Visual Artists and Their Artistic ‘Adaptation’ in the Post- New Ink Movement Era in Hong Kong” 
GRF 138,920 Prof Pfister Lauren Frederick REL Exploring Two Major Savants Missionnaires’ Hermeneutic Engagements with Classical and Modern China: The French Jesuits Séraphin Couvreur (1835-1919) and Léon Wieger (1856-1933)
GRF  338,996   Prof Tan Zaixi  TRAN Censorship and Translation: The Case of the People’s Republic of China 
GRF 219,000 Dr Williams Nicholas Morrow SHI The Ideological Origins of High Tang Poetry
GRF 266,320 Prof Zhang Hongsheng CHI A Study of Huiwen Ci(回文詞)in the Qing Dynasty(清代)
ECS 216,000 Dr Lee Siu-fan REL Meaning and Modality: A Foundational Study towards a New Theory of Names

2013 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme Grant Total Awarded Grant Recipient Department / Programme Project Title
GRF 209,040  Dr Chan Shun-hing  REL  The Political Influence of the Protestant Churches in Hong Kong
GRF  81,960  Dr Chan Wai-keung  CHI  The Time-Travel of Liu Chen and Ruan Zhao: The Wonderland Romance and Its Variations in Medieval Chinese Literature 
GRF  391,500  Prof Chen Zhi  CHI  Preparation of a Manuscript for a Book Series on Important Bronze Inscriptions of the Western Zhou Dynasty 西周重器銘文ɪ釋叢書 
GRF  322,900  Dr Keyes Christopher Jay  MUS  An Evaluation of Spectral Redistribution as an Upmixing Algorithm for 3D Audio 
GRF  212,560  Dr Winzenburg John David  MUS  Genre, Hybridization, and National Signifiers in Chinese-Western Fusion Concertos 
GRF  526,000  Prof Ladegaard Hans Jorgen  ENG  Sisters Only in Name: Alienation and Identity Transformation in Foreign Domestic Helper Returnee Narratives 
GRF  288,000  Dr Lo Ming-tung  CHI  From Central Institution to Regional Indoctrination: The Interplay between Ritual Policies and Cultural Assimilation in the Didactic Transformation of Ancient Chinese Etiquette in the Chosun Dynasty of Korea from the 15th to 16th Century  
GRF  275,520 Dr Tam Daisy Dic-sze  HMW  The Capacity for Ethics – food practices in Hong Kong 
ECS  295,296 Dr Chow Yiu-fai  HMW  Made in Hong Kong, Created in China? A Study on Creative Brain Drain from Hong Kong to Mainland China 
GRF  396,364 Prof Yang Hon-Lun Helan  MUS  Networking the Diaspora: Russian Musicians and Musical Activities in Inter-war Shanghai 

2012 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded Grant Recipient Departmemt / Programme Project Title
GRF  247,538  Dr Chan Shun-hing  REL  The Political Influence of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong
GRF  313,280  Prof Cheung Martha Pui-yiu  TRAN  Introducing the "pushing-hands" approach to translation studies 
GRF  558,265  Dr Coleman Christopher Braunlin  MUS  Triptychs: A Study of Massive Replication and Phasing in Music Composition 
GRF  386,313  Dr Wee Lian-hee  ENG  Illuminating the Structure of Syllables through Experimentation Using the Play Language (Verlan) 
ECS  482,176  Dr Hung Ruth Yu-yui  ENG  "Time Has Begun" : Hu Feng and the Generation of Leftwing Intellectuals in 20th Century China 
GRF  312,791  Dr Chung Ching-hong  CHI  A Study of Shangshu with the Help of the Bamboo slips   新出簡帛與《尚書》研究 
GRF  153,214  Dr Urrows David Francis  MUS  Keys to the Kingdom II: The pipe organ as vector of artistic and cultural exchange in China.  
GRF  175,750  Dr Ki Magdalen Wing-chi  ENG  Jane Austen and the Neighbour 

2011 GRF and ECS Funded Projects

Funding Scheme  Grant Total Awarded  Grant Recipient Department / Programme Project Title 
GRF  $544,709  Prof Chen Zhi  CHI  An Examination of the evolution of formulaic phrases and poetic forms in the excavated Zhou texts and the Book of Odes 
GRF  $359,082  Dr Ladegaard Hans Jorgen  ENG  The Discourse of Powerlessness and Repression: Life Stories of Migrant Workers in Hong Kong. 
GRF  $286,061  Prof Lo Kwai-cheung  ENG  Rethinking Asianism As Alternatives: Film, Cultural Production, and Non-State Agency 
GRF  $378,436  Prof Lo Ping-cheung  REL  Chinese Just War Ethics: Ancient Thought, Contemporary Explications, and Comparative Analysis 
GRF  $493,159  Prof Zhang Hongsheng  CHI 

The Rise and Development of Gongti Yongwu Ci in the Ming and Qing Dynasties   明清宮體詠物詞的形成與發展