M.A. in Language Studies

Master of Arts in Language Studies provides foundation knowledge about language and prepares students for special applications of linguistic analysis to problems arising from the students’ particular interests, careers and concerns. With focus on different dimensions of language, it has prepared graduates for a range of jobs which require good language skills and for further studies in linguistics.

In order to fulfill the graduation requirements, students of the programme are required to take five core courses and either

  1. two electives and a dissertation; or
  2. four electives (without a dissertation).

Classes will be delivered on weekdays, and/or weekday evenings, and/or Saturdays.

The programme is designed with build-in flexibility. Students may choose to do:

  1. part-time study over a period of two academic years;
  2. full-time study over a period of one and a half academic years (Dissertation Option); or
  3. full-time study over a period of one academic year (Non-dissertation Option). With the approval of the Programme Director, students can request to extend their study period to a maximum of three part-time years.

Only the full-time mode is available for students from outside Hong Kong.

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