B.A. (Hons) in Humanities


Academic Opportunities

Humanities students at Baptist University will receive a broad, liberal arts education. They will study with a diverse group of teachers whose specialties include philosophy, western literature, Chinese literature, comparative literature, history, communication, cultural and gender studies, language, and writing.

Academically speaking, we are looking for adventurous students who want to expand their knowledge and intellectual horizons by studying several academic disciplines simultaneously. The overall aim of the course is to produce bilingual and culturally adept graduates who are prepared to enter many professions and are equally prepared to participate in the social and cultural affairs of our time and place.

Extracurricular Activities

Humanities Staff and the Student Society plan numerous cultural activities every term. We also invite guest speakers - artists and scholars - to address to students.

In addition, the Programme sponsors Study Tour which allows our students to study with overseas scholars, meet with overseas students, explore historical and cultural sites in the area, and to widen their horizons.

After Graduation

Humanities does not aim at providing special job training but our graduates have developed their ability to think critically, make judgments critically and communicate ideas effectively. They are also sensitive to social and cultural issues while possessing the sensibility to appreciate arts. Employers with insights would treasure employees with such qualities.

You will find our graduates performing outstandingly in a variety of fields: publishing, media, culture and arts, public relations, business, marketing, and education.

If the Humanities Programme sounds interesting to you, you should also ask yourself questions about your future: what sorts of careers might I explore? What sorts of professions employ people with a liberal education? Am I interested in pursuing an advanced degree in any of the Humanities fields? What kind of life am I leading to? If you enjoy answering such questions by exploring many possibilities, the Humanities is a good option for you.

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